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Dignity in Home Care


It’s about you and the entire family.

If you don’t know where to turn to for assistance with your elderly or medically disabled loved ones – North Star Health Services can help.

Many families get torn apart as their loved ones reach the twilight of their days.

Dignity and comfort is what is needed – it is what North Star Health Services provide.

Becoming elderly or disabled by medical conditions is not a choice of those that are homebound. Children and other relatives can only provide so much care and support.

This is where North Star Health Services come in. We support the homebound and the primary caregivers.

North Star Health Services promises to treat every client with:





If you’ve read this far, it means that you may be looking for assistance in home health care. This is a sign of strength – not weakness. You are one of the smart ones who will spend the precious time creating vital cherished memories – the only thing you will have left in the end.

Get rid of the sleepless nights and constant worry – we at North Star Health Services are trained to help.

North Star Health Services treats our staff with the utmost dignity and respect that every health care worker deserves. These are very special individuals who are valued. We place our most precious possessions – our loved ones – in their hands.

We believe that we must treat our caregivers with respect so that they provide the same to our most vulnerable ones.

In the end – Always Choose Love!

We hope you will choose North Star Health Services to help.                                                    TEL: 612-251-6902

                                                                                                                                              FAX : 763-391-6452